I’m a #Drunk


This past summer I consumed more alcohol than I ever did in my entire life. I have always liked red wine over diner with great company. Or the occasional margarita with girlfriends overlooking the beach. Knowing this, I have always considered myself a social drinker, since all of my memories of consuming alcohol have been […]


I’M #positive


“I wanted to disclose my status out of revenge” Meet @mongezisosibo, an ambitious young university student who is currently writing a book about his life journey. Mongezi truly redefines the social norm of stigmas associated with people living with HIV, as he addresses HIV disclosure, stigma, sex among young people; by utilizing his story as […]


Job Creation for the Youth


In public health, a very popular concept that is often used is the Social Determinants of Health, ‘The Cause of the Causes’. These are pre-conditioned social factors that determine one’s health outcome. This includes race, gender, education, age, and income distribution. In my personal opinion, income distribution is the greatest indicator of one’s health. I say […]


Global Health explotation


I have been in South Africa for almost two months now, but it feels like I have only been here for a week. I am truly going to miss living in Jo’burg when I leave next month. I am also going to miss learning the different languages, people’s hospitality and my co-workers. Working in South Africa […]


Academia kills the imagination


I have always pride myself in being authentic and different. Yet, the higher I move in my education, the more restrained I feel in my creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I love academia and I am beyond grateful to be pursuing my masters degree and seeing all of the doors that  are opening for my […]


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