Global Health explotation


I have been in South Africa for almost two months now, but it feels like I have only been here for a week. I am truly going to miss living in Jo’burg when I leave next month. I am also going to miss learning the different languages, people’s hospitality and my co-workers. Working in South Africa […]


Academia kills the imagination


I have always pride myself in being authentic and different. Yet, the higher I move in my education, the more restrained I feel in my creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I love academia and I am beyond grateful to be pursuing my masters degree and seeing all of the doors that  are opening for my […]


Youth Engagement


While in South Africa, I am doing work in HIV research focusing on adolescent and young adults health. Considering the fact that young people age 15-24 years account for 50% of HIV cases in South Africa (Coetzee et al., 2014), I consider myself to be very blessed to be doing my masters placement in this particular […]


Yeast Infection


As an aspiring epidemiologist, I am truly delighted and fortunate to be doing my masters placement in Soweto, South Africa over the next three months within HIV research. With this, I am truly fascinated by the multiple aspects of HIV risks and acquisitions, STI prevalence and vaginal infections among young people. Like vaginal Candidiasis, also […]


What happens in Thailand


After visting Nepal last december, I went to Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand. Despite the gorgeous weather, beautiful palms trees, delicious street food and remarkable night life in Pattaya. I saw a large number of commercial sex workers (CSW) and young women fornicating with older men, the majority were male foreigners, it was very alarming. Contrary to […]


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